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Plantar Wart Treatment in NJ & NY

Safe, Noninvasive Foot Wart Removal

If you have plantar warts, or small growths occurring on your feet, they are usually not cause for concern, as they are typically just an overgrowth of skin cells. However, they can take months to go away, and many find them unsightly and uncomfortable. Our podiatrists at Curalta Foot + Ankle can remove your plantar warts, which is caused by a strain of the human papillomavirus (HPV) that enters the body through small cuts.

You may have plantar warts if you notice:

  • Pain or tenderness while walking
  • Lesions that interrupt the ridges in the skin of your foot
  • Small lesions on the soles of your feet
  • Calluses where a wart has grown inward
  • Small black spots on top of the wart, which indicate blood vessels have grown into it.

Contact Our Clinicians for Help with Plantar Warts

Your plantar warts may be something more serious if they bleed, change color, or resist noninvasive treatments. If you have diabetes or neuropathy, it’s important to have these warts examined, as they are more susceptible to a more severe infection. Our clinicians will examine your feet to determine the appropriate intervention. It’s important not to attempt to do this yourself, as HPV is a virus and is in your system for life and you may develop future warts. Talk with our podiatrists for tips on how to prevent warts or make them go away faster should they recur.

Schedule an appointment at Curalta Foot + Ankle by calling 1-888–777-1430 or reach out online now.

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