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Foot & Ankle Fracture Treatment in NJ & NY

Non-Surgical & Surgical Treatment

When it comes to foot and ankle traumas and fractures, you need expert care from trusted doctors who can get you the right treatment. Our podiatrists at Curalta Health can distinguish strains and sprains from fractures and create a treatment plan designed for optimal healing.

Fractured Ankle

If you recently rolled, twisted, or overextended your ankle, or if you had sustained a severe blow to the ankle, you may be unable to tell if it’s a strain, sprain, or fracture, particularly with severe pain and swelling. It’s also possible to have more than one injury at once if you have sustained significant trauma. If over-the-counter painkillers don’t help and you can’t bear weight on the affected ankle, you may have broken your ankle and should seek immediate medical treatment.

Treatment of a fracture ankle takes significant time and may require surgical implantation of screws or metal plates to stabilize the joint. Most fractures heal within 4 to 8 weeks depending on the precise location of the fracture, but you will still have to wait for several months before the joint is back to normal. It’s important not to bear weight on the affected ankle until your doctor clears you, even if you feel better.

Fractured Foot

The structure of the foot is complex, and these tiny bones are vulnerable to fracture as a result. If you experience a break from crushing, bending, stretching, or twisting a bone out of its typical movement pattern, it’s possible you’ve broken a bone in your foot (or more than one). It’s also possible to sustain a stress fracture, which are small cracks that form in the bones over an extended period from repeated stress – they are most common in runners, gymnasts, figure skaters, and dancers. Foot fractures are also commonly seen in victims of car accidents, foot injury, falls, and missteps.

Treatment of a broken toe is relatively straightforward and includes rest, ice, elevation, and stabilization as the best treatments in addition to over-the-counter painkillers to ease swelling and discomfort. If you’ve broken other foot bones, treatment is entirely dependent on what bone(s) was broken and how severe the break was. Our doctors may recommend crutches, casting, medication, or surgery in rare cases.

Curalta Health Has a Full Inventory of Durable Medical Equipment

Recovery from a fractured ankle or foot is a lengthy process that typically involves some form of assistive device or durable medical equipment to help with mobility. Curalta Health has many types of bracing that can help you get in motion while you’re foot and/or ankle heals from a fracture, including walking boots, surgical shoes, and more.

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