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Remote Patient Monitoring for Diabetic Foot Ulcers in NJ & NY

Detecting Diabetic Ulcers Before They Occur

Curalta Foot and Ankle is proud to be on the cutting edge of Diabetic Wound Prevention. We have partnered with companies that provide Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for patients at risk of developing ulcers or sores on their feet caused by diabetes. Remote patient foot monitoring not only helps patients, but also their physicians prevent diabetic foot complications.

How Does Remote Monitoring Work?

Remote monitoring for diabetic foot ulcers utilizes electronic monitoring systems that allow healthcare providers to monitor ulcers from a distance as patients live their day-to-day lives. Electronic monitoring systems send data to providers, which is utilized to predict a wound before it occurs. The monitoring helps prevent patients from developing ulcers and can also help their providers make more informed decisions about their care.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

There are different devices available to monitor diabetic patients remotely. Our teams are currently using Orpyx Insoles. Below, we describe how this technology functions.

Orpyx Insoles

Orpyx insoles are placed within the patient’s shoes. The insoles remotely monitor a patient's foot temperature as well as pressure and step count, which is accessible via an app. Utilizing logistics and analytics, when certain criteria are triggered, such as a temperature increase, the system will alert the monitoring staff and physicians. This data can identify warning signs of a potential ulcer approximately 30 days before it even occurs. The remote patient monitoring team can utilize the patient's unique data to determine the best course of action.

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