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Custom Orthotics in NJ & NY

Find Foot Relief & Comfort

Has foot and ankle pain diminished your quality of life? You can seek relief by turning to our skilled podiatrists for custom orthotics. Because foot conditions can affect other parts of your body and can even indicate further problems with your health, you should take it seriously and get the proper treatment to address your concerns and find the relief you crave. At Curalta Foot + Ankle, our podiatrists have helped many patients get this relief and find the balance they need to stand, walk, and move comfortably again.

Understanding Orthotics

Our experienced orthotics doctors can determine whether you would benefit from this biomechanical medical appliance designed to correct foot imbalances. They are designed to fit in your shoes’ insoles and alleviate foot pain and discomfort so you can move your foot muscles more efficiently, reduce fatigue, and prevent unnecessary stress of other parts of the body.

The Benefits of Orthotics for Flat Feet

Having flat feet is a problem because it can result in pain all the way up to your lower back as a result of not having adequate support for your feet and ankles. By wearing orthotic shoe inserts for flat feet, you can address these issues as well as the pain caused by a lack of arch support. Custom orthotics can also prevent the development of other conditions like plantar fasciitis, chronic foot pain, and they address alignment issues while enhancing your mobility and performance.

Contact Curalta Foot + Ankle to Get the Comfort You Deserve

If you’re ready to see whether custom orthotics could be the answer for you, Curalta Health is available to help. We are determined to help you find the relief you need and deserve.

Get the help you need with access to trusted podiatrists and custom orthotics specialistsin New Jersey by contacting us online or calling 1-888–777-1430 now.

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