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Neuroma Treatment in NJ & NY

Morton's Neuroma Care

If you have foot pain in the ball of your foot or between your toes, or a sensation of a pebble in your shoe, it could be a neuroma or Morton’s neuroma. Our podiatrists at Curalta Foot + Ankle can help bring the relief you crave. Without treatment, neuromas can become worse and limit your mobility as a result of increasing discomfort and nerve damage. Our patient-centered, results-driven podiatrists at Curalta Foot + Ankle can help.

Neuroma symptoms may include:

  • Pain and swelling between the third and fourth toes
  • Pain in the ball of the foot, particularly burning sensations
  • Increased pain while standing, walking, or moving

Treatment Options

Depending on the severity of your problem, treatment varies. Your podiatrist will discuss your risk factors, overall health, and lifestyle factors to help prevent recurrence of this painful problem. Some patients respond well to corticosteroid injections that bring relief from swelling and nerve inflammation. Long-term, Morton’s neuroma may be successfully resolved by changing footwear to wider shoes with lower heels and a soft sole and a wider toe box. Wearing custom orthotic inserts can also help alleviate irritation by reducing the pressure on the affected nerve. Neuroma should be removed if it causes significant pain and disability and conservative treatments are ineffective.

Curalta Foot + Ankle provides expert diagnosis and treatment for neuromas and other types of foot conditions. To schedule an appointment with us, please call 1-888–777-1430 today.

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