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Hammer Toe Treatment in NJ & NY

Foot Joint Deformity Treatment

Hammer toes are a joint deformity in the second through fifth toes that may be present in one or all of these toes. In these toes, the middle joint is bent and curls to resemble a hammer, instead of pointing straight, hence the name. Often, those with hammer toes also have corns or calluses caused by the jutting joint rubbings against their shoes or the tip of their toe. A hammer toe can leave the toe bent permanently and often requires surgical intervention to fix it to prevent severe pain and open sores from developing.

Hammer Toe Treatment

Common nonsurgical treatments for hammer toes include changing footwear, wearing orthotic devices, and splinting. While we make the effort to avoid invasive procedures and surgeries at Curalta Foot + Ankle, in some patients we use it as the first-line treatment if their hammer toe becomes so painful that it wouldn’t benefit from nonsurgical treatments. If you have other foot deformities like bunions, they can be corrected during the same operation.

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