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Diabetic Foot Care in NJ & NY

Caring for Your Feet Is Important to Your Overall Health

Diabetes is a chronic, progressive disease affecting millions of people, and those who have it are more prone to foot problems from diabetic nerve damage. It requires ongoing maintenance for optimal health to aid with proper blood circulation, especially in the feet. With insufficient blood flow, ulcers or other wounds may develop and be slow to heal which could lead to an infection which could result in the need for lower-extremity amputation without prompt and proper care from a podiatrist.

At Curalta Foot + Ankle, our podiatrists provide diabetic foot care to support healing and saving toes, feet, and legs from the possible threat of amputation. If you have diabetes and worry about foot problems, get in touch with our experienced doctors at Curalta Foot + Ankle for help with each stage of the treatment process. We can help you recognize and control diabetes-related foot problems before they can even begin.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment

While most people without diabetes are able to feel an ulcer immediately because of the pain it causes, those with diabetic neuropathy may not detect it, especially with poor circulation whose wounds can then become more serious. Neuropathology also affects the nerves that control sweat glands in the hydration of skin. This dry skin is more likely to get cracked and form ulcers and develop infections. Increased blood sugar in diabetics is good for bacteria and makes infections worsen rapidly.

These patients will need to check their feet regularly for warning signs, like thick pressure calluses with any blood or fluid under them in the skin of the sides or bottoms of the feet that may be small, but noticeable, and may be surrounded by dry, cracked and thick calloused skin. Ulcers grow and deepen with time and the risk of infection increases as it does.

We offer a range of state-of-the-art treatment options for wounds, including ulcers caused by diabetes. Learn more by visiting our wound care page.

Seek Help for Treatment of Diabetic Foot Problems

Diabetes complications are dangerous for your feet and you must take steps to control your diabetes to avoid these serious issues. For example, it’s important to wear well-fitting shoes, exercise and eat healthy, not use tobacco, take your medications as prescribed, and visit your specific doctors as you should. Our New Jersey and New York podiatrists are here to help you with good preventative techniques and treatments to save your feet from diabetes complications.

Call Curalta Foot + Ankle at 1-888–777-1430 to schedule an appointment for diabetic foot care

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