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Our Team

The mission of our team at Curalta Clinical Trials is to perform the highest quality clinical research that contributes to the advancement of medical knowledge, improves patient outcomes, and leads to the development of new and innovative treatments. We are committed to providing a safe, ethical, and inclusive environment for our study participants, staff, and physicians. Through collaboration with healthcare providers, partnering investigational sites, and industry partners, we aim to translate scientific discoveries into meaningful clinical applications that benefit patients and society as a whole.

Levy, DiTrolio, Giacalone & Greenberg: From left to right, Dr. Steven Levy, Dr. Dino DiTrolio, Dr. Vincent Giacalone and Dr. Lee Greenberg comprises our team of podiatric medical professional in order to bring you the utmost care and confidence during your clinical trial experience.
Harrison, Radhika and Nate: Our clinical research coordinators, Harrison on the left, Nate in the middle and Radhika on the right, are an integral part of our team ensuring all aspects of our various clinical trials are met with the utmost care.